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(Originally posted with my HP recs; list is now too long. And with good reason. Because really - long recs list is loooooooooooooong.)

20 Questions Plus One by AvilaGrace (T)
23 Psalms by fireworkfiasco (R)
9:23 by nomadshan (T)
99 Problems by sophia_helix (T)
A Better Version of Me by Talkative (M)
A Bouquet of Paper Flowers Hiding Behind a Back Brace by Emilys List (T)
A Little Consolation by unfold (T)
A Matter of Infinite Hope by sillyrabbit519 (K+)
A Nice Break by UnWritten007 (K+)
a reunion in 4 parts by fireworkfiasco (PG)
Accept the Things I Cannot Change by Wendy Blue (K+)
Afikomen by Emilys List (MA)
again i fall unnoticed by fireworkfiasco (G)
Alive by LoveFool (K)
All This Beauty by bashert (T)
Allentown by Sweetpea (T)
And Harder Still To Make Noise by sophia_helix (MA)
Angels In Your Angles by boredatwork (K)
Another Place to Fall by oypoodle (M)
the art of loving and learning by josephine (M)
as you seem to do these days by loveleee (T)
Assistant to the Foreman by Strider (K+)
Atonement, or How Pam Beesly Won an Oscar by Catie9 (T)
August by Colette (M)
Australia by time4moxie (T)
Away From The Cameras by girl7 (MA)
Awesome Lessons by Emilys List (K+)
The Beard by PamPongChamp (T)
Beautiful by xoxoxo (K+)
Behind the Deleted Scenes by girl7 (M)
Being Perfect, Being Them by DeeDee (K+)
The Best Dundies Ever by shan21 (T)
Best Laid Plans by xoxoxo (K)
between miles and a stone’s throw by 69 cups of noodles (M)
Biased by oypoodle (K)
The Bible of the Free by rubykate (T)
Bottle Green by Kate Andrews (K+)
break room by fireworkfiasco (G)
Breakthrough by sundancekid (T)
Breathe by Smurfette729 (T)
Breathing Out by girl7 (M)
Butterflies and Hurricanes by Penguin_jammies (M)
Butterfly by NeverEnoughJam (T)
Canary by Kate Andrews (MA)
Caution: High Heels Can Be Dangerous To Your Health (And Your Friendships) by PuffingNoise (K+)
Charcoal by flonkerton (T)
Charmed by bigtunette (M)
Chiaroscuro by NeverEnoughJam (K)
Cliche by Wendy Blue (T)
Come On, Feel The Illinoise! by Nightswept (MA)
Conversations with Other People's Exes by Steph (T)
Costa Rica Was Beautiful. You Should Go. by Steph (T)
Cracking the Code by wendolf (MA)
Creativity Takes Courage by WildBerryJam (K)
Debate by fireworkfiasco (PG)
dishwater funnels down the drain by bebitched (T)
Distance Learning by time4moxie (MA)
Drawn by falldownmore (M)
The Dress by PokerChips (K)
Elsewhere by girl7 (MA)
Exit 17 by callisto (T)
Eye of the Storm by xoxoxo (K)
Faking It by nomadshan (MA)
Falling Slowly by sillyrabbit519 (M)
Fate: The Story of the Inexperience of Jim Halpert by PuffingNoise (M)
Fathers and Daughters. Women and Men. by Stablergirl (M)
February 3rd (Or How Pam Beesly Got Schooled by Georgia O'Keefe, Maggie, and Punxatawny Phil) by Vampiric Blood (K)
The Fight That Goes On Inside Your Head by NeiLegni (T)
Finally by Nightswept (MA)
The Fine Art of Compromise by time4moxie (K+)
Fireworks and Ferris Wheels by uncgirl (K)
First Date by unfold (K+)
Five Firsts (or How Dwight, Jim, Angela, Pam, and Michael Lost Their Virginity) by sophia_helix (MA)
Five Hospital Visits That Changed Jim Halpert’s Outlook on Life by Paper Jam (K)
Five Obscure Times Pam Falls In Love With Jim by Petty (K)
Five People Who Didn’t Find Pam Crying by Bennie (K)
five sunrises in the life of jan levinson by bebitched (T)
Five Things Jim and Pam Do Not Speak About by OfficeSupplyGirl (K)
Five Things Jim Would Never Admit by Siochan (K)
Five Things That Happen When Jim Babysits Sasha by McGigi (K)
Five Things You Don't Know (Or Maybe You Do) by live-love-laugh-FLOSS (T)
Five Times the Golden Rule Was Broken by carbondalien (K)
Flawless by SixFlightsUp (K)
For What I Am When I Am With You by Stablergirl (M)
Foresight by lano (M)
Four Dunder Mifflin Employees Who Find Out They’re Pregnant...and One Who Doesn’t by ExtremelyGruntled (K+)
Four Fourths by shoutoutout (K+)
Four Girls Who Made Jim Halpert Feel Like An Idiot (And One Who Didn’t) by Maybe Once (M)
Friendly Advice by uncgirl (T)
from the wreckage by fireworkfiasco (PG)
The Garbage Can Letters by Azlin (T)
Geometry by NeverEnoughJam (K)
Give Me Your Hand And Let's Jump Out The Window by unfold (T)
Got Me by bashert (T)
Halpert Family Tree by Emilys List (T)
He’s Kind of a Slob Too by iwantphillyjim (K)
He’s Thinking About A First Date by nightskiesfading (K+)
Hung Up by GreenFish (T)
I-80 Westbound by brokenloon (M)
I Call Upon the Youth of the World by nqllisi (K)
I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today by bashert (T)
I See You at the Foot of Some Mountains by downtown (M)
I Would Sing You A Song Of Devotion by Emilys List (T)
I’m The Man Who Loves You by Lynzee005 (M)
Idiosyncrasy by callisto (T)
idk, my bff jim? by Tragedy Tay (T)
In Between by xoxoxo (K)
In His Space by Colette (M)
In My Life, I Love You More by andtheivy (K+)
In Sickness and in Health by Kittykat47 (T)
Indie Rock and Keds by Nightswept (MA)
Inside Jokes by Talkative (M)
It Happened During Halo by Dundie All-Star (K)
It Isn’t Wrong But It Still Isn’t Right by sherlockelly (MA)
It Would Never Be Okay by OfficeSupplyGirl (K+)
Jim Halpert and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Date by fireworkfiasco (PG-13)
Jim Halpert is a Bad Breaker-Upper by ExtremelyGruntled (M)
Jim: The Anti-Roy by wendolf (MA)
Jinxed by neotantrika (NC-17)
June 10th by wendolf (M)
Junebug by zippity_zoppity (M)
just the stirring in my soul by moofoot (K+)
Kicking Around Names by LoveFool (K+)
Labeled Boxes by unfold (K+)
Laughing With Your Lover’s Tongue in a Lullaby by CallieJames (T)
Living Arrangements by Colette (M)
Lost and Found by Colette (M)
The Love Song of Squirrel McPants by time4moxie (M)
Lullaby by PuffingNoise (K)
Magic by nqllisi (K)
Mater/Filia by andtheivy (K+)
Maybe This Is What Happens Next by Steph (T)
Message in a Bottle by Colette (MA)
Mixed Messages by LoveFool (T)
Mouth by neotantrika (R)
My Kids Are Gonna Be Right About That by animperfectlove (T)
Names and Places by shootingstars (K)
The Nature of Trust by callisto (M)
Nearing the Edge by girl7 (M)
Night Medicine by carbondalien (K)
No Longer In My Dreams by bitterpill (T)
No Reason At All by Colette (M)
No Stairways Just Stairs by Talkative (M)
Observer Effect by GodInThisChilis (M)
Of Brownies and Braids by nomadshan (T)
Okay (and other things we feel) by bashert (M)
One of the Many Differences Between Jim and Roy by danceprincess202 (K)
One Ring to Rule Them All by Binxbaby (K)
...Or Karen From Behind by invis (M)
Oracle Mom by time4moxie (T)
Pam’s Big News by nqllisi (K)
Paper Moon by jazzfan (T)
the parking lot had an element of danger by Bennie (T)
Patience by NeverEnoughJam (K)
Photography by yanana (M)
Primae Noctis by neotantrika (NC-17)
Progression by traceace (T)
Puppy Love by Cassandra Mulder (K)
Quality Time by Par5 (K)
queries of the damned by fireworkfiasco (PG-13)
The Question by Maybe Once (K+)
Quiet by shootingstars (K)
Quietly by unfold (K)
Ready by Willow (MA)
redial by fireworkfiasco (G)
Roses by NeverEnoughJam (K+)
The Saboteur by wendolf (K+)
Self-Guided Tour by PuffingNoise (K)
Seventeen by oobadnama (K)
Shades of Gray by cloudyskies (K)
She Dreams In Color by Liv (T)
She Knows by Par5 (MA)
Shotgun Wedding by Talkative (M)
Silhouettes by unfold (M)
Six Dunder Mifflin Men Pam Finds Attractive at Inappropriate Times (and One She Doesn’t) by bigtunette (K)
Six Instances of Courage in Scranton, Pennsylvania by Paper Jam (K+)
Sleeping to Dream by malaz85 (K)
snow carefully everywhere descending by Talkative (M)
So Much by Cassandra Mulder (K+)
Somebody Loved by beruco (MA)
Sometimes She Thinks About Him by malaz85 (K)
Somewhat of a Thing by Recorderalways (T)
Spectrum by callisto (T)
Summer Skin by flonkerton (MA)
Supposed To Be by Colette (T)
Sway by merrilytookish (K)
Sweet Sleep by PBeesly Sweater (K)
Take Your Son To Work Day by juteux (K)
Talk by Annabel Winslow (M)
Taste by PuffingNoise (K+)
That Night by Colette (MA)
That’s Coming by callisto (T)
These Things Take Forever by beruco (MA)
The Things You Do Not Know by Little Comment (T)
This by girl7 (M)
This is Going to Be the Last Time by sherlockelly (MA)
Three Minutes by Peskipiksi (T)
Threshold by neotantrika (NC-17)
Time and Space by kieyra (MA)
time yet for a hundred indecisions by fireworkfiasco (PG-13)
To a Year of Great Goodness by Emilys List (M)
to calm and comfort by Lyss (K+)
The Totally Gay Version of Jim and Pam by firthgal (K+)
Trash Talking and Toaster Ovens by mixedberries (K+)
Treat Bag by time4moxie (T)
Trouble Breathing by mixedberries (K)
Truth and Consequences by shan21 (T)
Try, Try Again by beruco (MA)
Twelve Weeks by xoxoxo (M)
Two Boxes by PamPongChamp (T)
The Two of You by roundin3rd (K)
Two Separate Tables by Blanca (K+)
The Unexpected by QueenB (K+)
Unleaded Love by Soragirl (K+)
Unsaid by nqllisi (K)
unthread the light by awesomeblossom (K)
The Unusually Unimportant, Total Non-Adventures of Jim and Pam by Little Comment (T)
Up in Jim’s Room by wendolf (MA)
Verve by kasuchi (K+)
Visibility by callisto (MA)
The Visit by Colette (M)
Vocabulary by Talkative (MA)
Vox by sophia_helix (MA)
We by nomadshan (T)
Week Days by Talkative (M)
Week’s End by Talkative (MA)
what lips my lips have kissed by Bennie (K+)
What Was, What Is and What Will Be by vodka_rebellion (T)
what you and i spoke of by katrina87 (K)
When You Are Ready by Willow (MA)
While She Rocks Their Baby To Sleep by Abigail (K)
Wichita Lineman by brokenloon (T)
Wishful Thinking by chinesebakery (K+)
Without Swans or Fireworks by Colette (K+)
You’ve Reached Jon’s Voicemail... by Binxbaby (T)
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