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A Bad Book by mapleandmahogany (PG)
A Day in the Life by ozma_katiebell (R)
A Decade is a Big Age Gap by shocolate (PG)
A Kiss That Kills by harrysmom (PG)
A Library With A View by TheTreacleTart (PG-13)
A Logical Fallacy by shocolate (G)
A Magical Renaissance by BrandedFaithfully (RA)
A Puff's Eye View by shocolate (G)
A Sketch of Tomorrow by pili204 (PG)
A Terrible Disclosure by shocolate (PG-13)
Against the Rules by shocolate (PG-13)
Ageless Beauty by ginwannabe (TA)
All I Need by MichaelHo (PG-13)
All That’s Best of Dark and Bright by leftsockarchive (NC-17)
All We Don't Know How To Say by Realmer06 (K+)
All the Right Ingredients by lauryne (PG-13)
All’s Well That Ends Well by amidala69 (NC-17)
An Observation of Love by kjcp (PG)
Arithmetic by Lirazel (PG-13)
As Simple As That by KaryInTheSky (K+)
Auld Lang Syne by amidala69 (NC-17)
Awakening by harrysmom (NC-17)
Back to Front by shocolate (NC-17)
Baggage by AntoniaEast (PG)
The Beach by PigWithHair (PG-13)
Beautiful by shocolate (PG-13)
Becoming Mrs. Weasley by queenb23 (R)
The Bed by annasmit (PG-13)
The Beginning and the End by evanesco75 (PG-13)
Believe That Magic Works by shocolate (PG-13; chapters one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten)
The Best is Yet to Be by queenb23 (R)
Between Friends by sunshyndaisies (G)
The Big Bed by Bob Bennit (K+)
Body Heat by phoenixfeather47 (R)
Bonded by rosepddle (RA)
The Book of Morgan LeFay by lavenderbrown (R)
Boy Talk by magentabear (PG-13)
Busman’s Holiday by AntoniaEast (PG)
Canticles 7:10 by carleton97 (NC-17)
Careful Handling by shocolate (R)
Careful Study by shocolate (NC-17)
The Catch by silviakundera (PG)
Chaos and Disorder by shocolate (R)
Charm by cynthia-arrow (PG-13)
Choices of the Heart by luvscharlie (NC-17)
Collision Course by belovedranger (NC-17)
Connected by mugglemama (NC-17)
Damn Her by nates1mom and Fitzette (R)
Dancing for the First Time by TheTreacleTart (NC-17)
De Facto by jaswanson (R)
Delicate by willowwand (NC-17)
The Dentist's Daughter by Balletbee (G)
Deuces Wild by blufftonchic (MA)
Discovering Distraction by Adelaide E (PG-13)
Do You See What I See? by MissDaisy1 (PG-13)
The Door by daisymaeevans (R)
Duet by PigWithHair (NC-17)
Ephemeral by SophiaLobato (PG-13)
Everything You’re Offering by Uluru2064 (NC-17)
Far Too Long by shocolate (PG-13)
Fate by DaisyMaeEvans (R)
Faultlines by Pinky Brown (M)
Fellytones and Fuzzy Slippers: A Love Story by TheTreacleTart (R)
Fever by ambergreene (NC-17)
The First Time Will Come by shocolate (R)
The First to Know by evanesco75 (PG-13)
The First Two Times by potterhead (RT)
Five Dresses by mugglemama (PG-13)
Forward Motion by TheGiantSquid (RT)
Four Days of Fantasies by rosepddle (RA)
From Sunset to Sunrise by yourlaughter (PG-13)
Frustration by shocolate (R)
The Garden by magentabear (PG-13)
The Ghoul in the Attic by Chickadilly and sunshyndaisies (PG-13)
The Gift by annasmit (G)
Girl Child by exartemarte (TA)
Girl Parts by shocolate (PG-13)
Give Me the Ready Hand by fireworkfiasco (PG)
Good Advice by shocolate (PG-15)
He Wasn't by phoenixfeather47 (MA)
Heartroot by MagikCat (PG-13)
Hermione: A History by nope (unrated - PG?)
Hermione Granger and the Deathly Hallows by Ann Margaret (PG-13)
Hermione Granger and the Half-Blood Prince by Ann Margaret (PG-13)
Hermione Granger and the Order of the Phoenix by Ann Margaret (PG-13)
Heroes by RedSioda (R)
The Hidden Truth by lectura35 (R)
His Right and His Left by TMBlue (PG)
How Much You Mean To Me by squiddy11 (PG-13)
I Know by Attila (R)
I Missed You by maybe1ce (PG-13)
I Want Everything by alloy (unrated - probably PG-13)
I Would Tell You This by Possibilitist (T)
Immersion by ThereThere (PG-13)
The Important Bit by shocolate (PG-13)
In Solemn Stillness Lay by ladytory (NC-17)
In the Bleak Midwinter by snorkackcatcher (R)
Inevitable by nates1mom (NC-17)
In Memory by willowwand (PG)
In Order to Work Properly by Sher (R)
In the Attic by willowwand (NC-17)
In Your Dreams by queenb23 (R)
Is This The Moment? by belovedranger (R)
It'll Work Out by shiiki (PG)
It's Harry I'm Planning To Marry by shocolate (PG)
Journey Into Sunlight by TheTreacleTart (PG-13)
Just A Moment by Auds (MA)
Just My Imagination by Sher (NC-17)
King by ambergreene (NC-17)
Lead Me Through The Fire by amidala69 (NC-17)
Little White Ones by Mizaya (PG-13)
The Littlest Rebellion by belovedranger (R)
Loneliness Like This by Auds (PG)
The Lost Arm of Vicky Krum by bluedaisy (unrated - probably PG)
Lovers’ Crossroads by kjcp (PG-13)
Making A Point by Attila (R)
Marshmallows by leftsockarchive (G)
May the Moon and Sunlight Seem by Lirazel (PG-13)
Maybe Tomorrow by BeatrixBaudelaire (NC-17)
Men by shocolate (PG-13)
Mind the Gap by belovedranger (R)
Mischief Managed by Fitzette (PG-13)
Mistakes by Ritournelle (PG-13)
More Than Memories by BlueRain (RT)
The Most Important Thing by rhweasley4evah (PG)
Motherly Advice by enomis57 (PG)
The Muggle Cinnamon by Mizaya (PG-13)
Musings of Time by anne123 (R)
Never In A Million Years by MissBrooke06 (PG)
The New Morning by annasmit (R)
Night Swimming by Auds (PG-13)
Numerology by wanderhomeagain (PG)
The Object by shocolate (PG)
Old Mother Hubbard by Attila (R)
On the Roof by Acacia Dion (PG-13)
One More Thing by ozma_katiebell (R)
One Way or Another by Allison (PG)
one week by Scout (G)
The Other Best Friend by sunshyndaisies (G)
Paths of Penance by LadyTory (R)
Pillow Talk by Auds (MA)
Plugs and Outlets 2006 by Alphie (PG-13)
Potatoes by Entirelytoo (PG-13)
Practice Makes Perfect by inell (NC-17)
The Price of Love by RogueSugah (NC-17)
The Price You Pay by amidala69 (R)
Quite Easily Undone by belovedranger (NC-17)
Reflections by queenb23 (G)
Remember Tomorrow by TMBlue (T)
Remembering and Forgetting by redsioda (R)
Requirement by Gwaihir (NC-17)
Retribution by shocolate (PG-13)
The Right Time by Snorkack Catcher (NC-17)
Ron's Declaration by shocolate (PG-13)
Ron's Just Desserts by shocolate (NC-17)
The Room of Requirement by lavenderbrown (NC-17)
Roses in December by AmandaR (FG)
Rush by queenb23 (RA)
Scars by sunshyndaisies (G)
The Scent of a Woman by shocolate (R)
Seasons Out of Time by amidala69 (NC-17)
Seeing by Lirazel (PG)
Sepia by RedSioda (R)
The Seven Senses by shocolate (NC-17)
Smart Girls by emmilyne (R)
Soap by shocolate (NC-17)
Someday We'll Fly by Possibilitist (M)
Something Borrowed by belovedranger (NC-17)
Sorting Out the Boys by mkwmkw (TA)
Spark to Flame by Seakays (PG-13)
Sparks of Darkness, Pools of Light by R.W. plus me (K+)
Spattergroit by Rudhampaiel (PG)
Stay by browneyedgirl (R)
Stealing Home by queenb23 (R)
The Stick-Figure Santa Claus by Twilts (PG-13)
Storms by sunshyndaisies (G)
Sunday Morning by Leela (PG)
Sweat is in the Eye of the Beholder by shocolate (PG-13)
Sweets For My Sweet by aramintalupin (PG-13)
Swinging by Finkpishnets (R)
Symbiosis by Flobbergasted (PG-13)
The Talk by shocolate (PG-13; drabble-length - unrelated to her full-length piece of the same name)
The Talk by shocolate (PG-13; full-length - unrelated to her drabble-length piece of the same name)
Tangled Webs by Realmer06 (T)
There Are No Tears In Heaven by missgranger2 (G)
There’s A First Time For Everything by TheGiantSquid (R)
They Were Wrong by Auds (R)
This Woman’s Work by AndartaWildhearth (NC-17)
Those Three Little Words by heminter78 (PG)
Threnody by Syn (PG-13)
Thumbs by shocolate (PG-15)
Together by shocolate (PG-13)
Too Many Ankles by shocolate (PG-13)
Transitions by rosepddle (RA)
Tribute by honouraryweasley12 (PG)
True Love Never Did by Realmer06 (T)
Turn and Face the Strange by amidala69 (NC-17)
Twelve Fail-Safe Ways by Michelleypie (R)
Two Friends by Scout (G)
Two Sickles, Sixty-Eight Knuts by Calliope14 (G)
Under a Slate-Grey Sky by Lirazel (PG)
Understanding and Acceptance by sproutgirl (PG-13)
Unless We Believe by MissDaisy1 (PG)
Unsolicited Advice by mugglemama (R)
Unspoken by Agape (PG)
Up A Tree by shocolate (PG)
Very Bad Things by mapleandmahogany (RT)
The Walls That Clothing Can Create by sproutgirl (R)
Wandless Magic by PigWithHair (NC-17)
The Way He Kisses Me by Mosylu (PG-13)
Wedding Night With Harry by mapleandmahogany (MT)
What a Sodding Git by Pantz (PG)
Why Ron Weasley Got the Better End of the Deal by deenas (PG-13)
Wild Magic by shocolate (NC-17)
The Wrong Knickers by shocolate (NC-17)
The Wrong Side of the Bed by alloy (RA)


Fiery by Auds (PG)
The Grown-Up Driver by jenadamson (PG-13)
I'm Glad You Can Laugh by Grimm_Sister (PG-13)
In Retrospect by deenas (TA)
One Little Slip by deenas (PG-13)
The Relative Position of Celestial Bodies by DukeBrymin (FG13)
The Terrible Burden of Grace by MagnoliaMama (R)
Why Harry Potter Should Never Clean the Cupboards Without Permission by deenas (PG-13)


Falling With Grace by shiiki (R)
From Ashes by shiiki (PG-13)
Lust or Love by Sarinileni (NC-17)
Rising From Embers by shiiki (R)
Touch by lunalovepotter (NC-17)


A Puppy In My Bed by novalinedy (G)
Abner of Astlegate’s Most Splendid Pox by sheafrotherdon (PG-13)
The Ambiguously Gay Werewolf by Jack Ichijouji (T)
being an historical record of events surrounding the unfortunate truth-or-dare game of february the twenty-second and consequences thereof by geekerypokery (NC-17)
For Educational Purposes Only by lls_mutant (NC-17)
Le Jour ou la Pluie Viendra by liadlaith (NC-17)
Levity by pru (R)
The Number One Reason Why December of Remus Lupin’s Sixth Year Was Good by taffetablue (PG)
Told You by kabeyk (NC-17)
Trains by kiawana (FG13)
The Twenty-First Thing by sheafrotherdon (PG)


Color Blind by aspenstanton (PG)
Finite Incantatem by PandoraJones (TA)
Not Pink by BluegrassBookworm (R)
Phases by therethere55 (PG)


A Brief History of a Beautiful Friendship by gingerale (MT)
Mother to Daughter by Auds (PG-13)
Now or Never by queenb23 (R)
The Transformation of Ducklings by MagnoliaMama (PG-13)


A Couple of Blokes by willowwand (PG; R/Hr and H/G)
Baby-Making Machines by mapleandmahogany (TA; R/Hr, H/G, Remus/Tonks, Arthur/Molly)
The Final Reckoning by lavenderbrown (R; R/Hr and H/G)
Girl Talk by magentabear (PG; R/Hr and H/G)
Hope by enomis57 (PG-13; R/Hr and Remus/Tonks)
Morning Coffee by higginszoo (unrated - PG-ish for innuendo?; R/Hr and H/G)
Of Hearts and Heroes by emmilyne (NC-17; R/Hr and H/G)
Sharing My Bedroom by mapleandmahogany (PG-13; R/Hr and H/G)
Simple Moments by LadyWhizbee (PG)
Women Are (Obviously) The Smarter Gender by HermioneLovesRon (PG-13; R/Hr and H/G)


Brewing Amoria by MagikCat (PG; Molly/Arthur)
Firsts and Fortune Cookies by mollywheezy (PG-13; George/Angelina)
L'Envoi by jaswanson (R; Seamus/Lavender)
Love and Levity by Ozma (PG-13; George/Luna)
Promise by coffee_n_cocoa (RT; Neville/Ginny)
The Rules of Being a Godson by sam-storyteller (PG-13; James II/Teddy)
Shades of Black by RedSioda (NC-17; Charlie/OFC)
So Long, Sweet Misery by eruditefics (NC-17; Percy/Audrey)
There Forbidden Luv: Harry and Hermoine by The Potterettes (unrated – crack!)
Vast, Infinite, Limitless by lavenderbrown (NC-17; Harry/Susan Bones)
The Way Things Are by Auds (MA; Fred/Parvati)


25 (Fluffy) Random Brotherhood Tales about Bill and Charlie Weasley by RedSioda (PG-13)
And The Clock Ticks by Lirazel (PG)
The Best Ship of All by Fionnabhair (G; R/Hr and H/G elements)
Blocking Teddy by rhhgrt (PG-13; Teddy/Victoire implied)
The Boy Who Lived by PigWithHair (G)
The Bravest and the Boldest by akissinacrisis (GA; R/Hr and H/G implied)
Building Up Ron by OwlPost (PG)
Clasp by cranston (PG)
Cry On My Shoulder by Strider (TA)
Don't Touch Me by Ivybelle (PG; arguably H/G, but I prefer to categorize it as gen)
Dreaming Through the Twilight by msmoocow (R)
Essential Medicine for Ordinary Witches by Fionnabhair (G)
Five Dead Women by snegurochka_lee (R)
Five Women Who Hate Fleur Delacour by snegurochka_lee (R)
Good Boy by RedSioda (PG)
Grey by TheTreacleTart (PG-13; elements of H/G and R/Hr)
Harry Potter and the Plot Bunny of Death by TheTreacleTart (PG-13)
Hose by Thistlerose (FG13; Remus/Sirius implied)
Jogging by AntoniaEast (unrated - PG-ish for innuendo?; R/Hr and H/G mentions)
Just George by kismet15983 (PG-13)
Matter of Wizard Pride by mapleandmahogany (R; has an arguable dash of R/Hr if you squint real hard)
Midnight in the Silence by Mary G (PG)
My Little Man by SCHardy (G)
Numb by elais (PG-13; R/Hr implied)
Of Blood and Dust and Potatoes by mapleandmahogany (R; elements of R/Hr and H/G)
One of a Kind by belovedranger (PG)
Release by AntoniaEast (PG; contains allusions to canon pairings, especially R/Hr)
Seaclaid by Katieay (G)
Sixteen Ways to Tell the Weasley Twins Apart by kaydeefalls (unrated - PG-13?)
Snapshots by TheTreacleTart (G)
Subtleties by magentabear (PG-13)
The Table by RedSioda (PG-13)
That Last Door by RedSioda (PG-13; with R/Hr and H/G elements)
There's A Million Things To Be by shocolate (G; R/Hr mentions)
They Were Three by RedSioda (PG-13)
Until August by snowyowl7 (PG; elements of R/Hr)
Valedictory by Thirty2Flavors (PG-13)
View From the Outside by zorro x (T)
Waiting by shiiki (PG)
What Harry Saw 31-10-81 by mapleandmahogany (TA)
Women To Be Reckoned With by OwlPost (G; with R/Hr mentions)
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