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6 January 1987
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This is my personal fanfiction journal. My published fics may also be found on Checkmated or Simply Undeniable under the username punimpotter.

I am a proud Checkmated Prefect. As of this writing, I am working on my 22nd fanfiction.

Harry Potter is my primary fandom. In writing HP fic, I explore the relationship between Ron and Hermione. On rare occasion, I also write gen. My fics do have allusions to other canon pairings, particularly Harry/Ginny.

I am beginning to delve into the world of "Office" fanfic; I have my first fic in this fandom about 3/5 done, and have another two planned.

My recs list contains stories that I highly recommend by authors whose work I deeply respect. Check them out. Thus far, it remains HP only; however, I am working on an "Office" recs list as well, so keep your eyes peeled.

For those of you interested in my personal journal, check out shyshutterbug.